Doing scary things in public

This summer I decided, for reasons I cannot quite fathom even now, that it was a good idea to make myself a bag. Out of leather.

With many pockets.

And zipped pockets at that.

And  lining.

3 days before we went on a massive holiday that I really should have been preparing for…

Oh and I also decided it would be immensely wise to add in the complication of filming the whole process warts and all.

And no, I had never ever tried to sew anything with leather before.

And no, I did not have a pattern to follow, nor indeed any idea at all about how to do it.

Well, I made it through the process with a bag, in fact a bag that I have used daily ever since, including overloading it horribly as hand luggage on a trans-Atlantic flight.

If watching the ramblings of a crazy person doing this sort of thing interests you, then you’re in luck. I’ve just uploaded a 3 part series to YouTube channel documenting the whole business.

You might even learn something, I know I did!

Leather Bag Learn along – Part 1 – Cutting and Sewing

Leather Bag Learn Along – Part 2 – Hardware and Lining

Leather Bag Learn Along – Part 3 – The End and Top Tips


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