I’ve been meaning to ask you, can you make me a giraffe..?

Said a dear and trusted friend…

Naturally I said yes.

And then I did. Well a head at least.

And then I had to keep it a secret because it was a surprise. To be honest I was surprised enough to be asked to make a giraffe and then surprised enough that I actually did it within a few days, (this is unheard-of behaviour for me, not the doing it you understand, but to do it within the same decade as the request was made is quite some miracle). So keeping it secret for a surprise was fine. I could barely believe it had happened anyway.

And that is how i came to be loitering outside John Lewis last Wednesday with a giraffe head in a bag. The secret handover was completed and now, lucky for you, the giraffe is out of the bag. Surprise day was yesterday and giraffe and owner are living happily ever after.

The End

Anyway, it was the moose that started it

And if this is your kind of madness, you’ll be needing this: Simplicity 1218. You’re welcome.

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