My January favourites – 2020

Hello everyone, I’ve just uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel. Today’s treat is my favourites video for January. I’ve had this website for a while but it has mostly stood in the corner feeling lonely and I thought I really should show it some love! Thats why I am here giving you an extra glimpse into my video. I’m hoping to do this with all my videos from now on so you’ll be able to access links to everything I mention and see stills from the videos so you can get more detail.

I’d love to hear whether you enjoy this new way of seeing my content so please let me know. The best way to get in touch is email to or you can find me on instagram. Let’s get onto the video.

My Instagram account is called JoeySewy

My favourite You Tube video was from Alexa Chung:

I had 3 favourite sewing patterns:

beep beep.png

Beep Beep sweatshirt:


Viktor trousers:

gathered neck blouse.png

and the Bootstrap patterns jersey blouse pattern (it’s called Button-Down Blouse with Victorian Collar on their site: (this is an affiliate link)blouse 2.png

Link to my videos about making my dressform:

where the light gets in.jpg

My favourite audio book this month was Where The Light Gets In by Lucy Dillon. If you would like to listen to it on Audible You can find it here: It’s a fantastic story about creativity and the meaning of life, with a bit of squishy romance sprinkled on top.

See you soon!


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