The Fabric haul I wish hadn’t happened

Today I uploaded a fabric haul video about fabric purchases that I didn’t really want to happen. Firstly because I didn’t really need any fabric – how many of us actually NEED fabric I wonder!!! But mostly because I was only near a fabric store because last week I had to drive a 6 hour round-trip to visit my mum in hospital. Thankfully she’s home and doing so much better now, and I didn’t grudge going for a second, but it was nice to sweeten such a long journey with a little bit of frivolous fabric shopping.

In addition to the items I bought in real-life, firstly I showed you some hammer on jeans buttons that I got on eBay from a seller called marek-maggie_tailoring_kingdom .



They’re 17mm hammer on buttons. On reflection I possibly should have gone for a very slightly bigger size but these will function well enough for a button fly. The insect design is called Cicada and the snowflake-like design is called Flower2 they were £1.89 per pack of 4 with free postage.

I also showed you a 6” black brass jeans zip costing £1.85 that I got from an eBay seller I have used a number of times called Zipper Station. I have always been pleased with what I have bought from them and would recommend them.Snapshot - 228

And most exciting purchase of the month goes to: my metre of black fusible interfacing from Fabric King. Oh no wait. That’s the most sarcastic comment of the month😊Snapshot - 229

Next I showed you a grey fur-fleece fabric gifted to me from Minerva in return for a blog-post on their site later in the year. It’s very, very soft and it’s going to be a bed-throw for my son Felix to curl up-in and drag around the house. I haven’t even finished the edges and he’s already adopted it and won’t let it go!


The rest of the fabrics are from in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Not at all sponsored but I’d happily recommend them and take all the free fabric they can throw at me because I just love their stock!

I bought a denim with stretch that I intend to use the reverse side of to make some Jenny trousers by Closet Case Patterns.


I bought some green woven cotton (that I dyed by accident in the pre-washing so it’s slightly pink) and some brown snake-print jersey both of which I intend to make up into the Palisade Pants by Papercut Patterns


The next fabric was a red ponte roma fabric that seemed to have developed stains during the pre-washing (argh!). I wanted to make the Morris Blazer by Grainline Studio and I have just about managed to get the pattern pieces placed avoiding the stains so at least my project was saved, phew!Snapshot - 234

I showed you some Khaki green technical fabric, )that’s called ‘Italian Matte Lycra’ on the fabworks website) that I’m planning to make Helen’s Closet Avery Leggings out of and maybe even a swimsuit with the leftovers.Snapshot - 235

This amazing purple fabric called to me online before I’d even arrived at the store and I loved it even more in real life. It’s a fantastic colour and the drape is just right for the maxi shirt-dress (pattern tbc) that I hope it will become.Snapshot - 237

And that’s that. A huge amount of fabric that will keep me very busy for quite a few months to come! I wonder if I will really keep to my self-promise that for every piece of new fabric I use I will also use up a piece from my stash. Eeek. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading and watching – Love Jo xxx

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