Sewing a Special Dress – finding the right style

I uploaded a new YouTube video today. This one has been a while in the planning because it’s all tied up with a big project I’ve been working on for myself, for about a month now. I have a wedding to go to in February and I’m very excited. Not just because I want to celebrate the marriage of two gorgeous humans, but also because I get to make and wear a super fancy dress the like of I have absolutely no need for in my everyday life – Woo-hoo!

Or so I thought… Because when I actually sat down to think about what I’d like to wear I realised not only did I hate everything in my wardrobe – that old chestnut – but also, I had absolutely no idea what I DID like. It’s been so long since I went to a wedding, and even longer since I paid proper attention to what eveningwear is fashionable, I felt completely blind.

I tried browsing patterns but I found myself either liking things just because they felt safe and familiar (not the basis on which I wanted to choose) OR I felt uncomfortable about them because they WEREN’T safe and familiar (also not a good way to make a decision imho). After a while I decided the only way to break this pattern would be to get some actual dresses and get them on my body.

Now I don’t tend to have friends who are conveniently my size and in possession of hundreds of fancy dresses. So, since I famously live in the middle of nowhere, I quickly realised that the only way to try on lots of dresses would be to do some online shopping and sampling.

And here we are. In this blog post and in the related video I tried on 10ish different styles of evening-appropriate dresses. I shopped for shape not for colour or print because I wasn’t planning to keep any of them, although that was a close-run thing in the end!

Here’s a round up of everything on me and where I have them, also screenshots of what the super-tall models look like in them too. The difference is pretty hilarious in some cases it might as well be a different dress.

It’s a pretty long video but I go into depth about the construction and style of each depth in a way I am not going to repeat here because it would get to be the length of a book. In summary I ADORED the blue dress, not least because it was that BLUE! But also the style made me feel incredible. In the end I felt it might make me feel a bit too much on show and even risk being too showy for a wedding, even if I know the bride will be shining brighter than any of us possibly could because she’s just so damn lovely.

next shirt dress

I decided that a shirt-dress style maxi dress. But in a fabric that elevates it to evening appropriate would be the right balance between fancy and comfortable, and a bit show-stopping but not wedding-stopping.

In my next video I’m going to talk about how I took that idea and shape and found the right pattern for the dress of my imaginings.

Thanks for reading and watching – Love Jo xxx

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