My special dress is finished!

My very special dress

I finished my special dress!!! And I love it beyond measure. It’s possibly my favourite thing I’ve ever made. And I had so much fun wearing it and dancing the night away at my friend’s wedding this last weekend.

I’ve made a video talking about how I chose the fabric and constructed the dress. And most importantly I filmed myself swishing around in it! If you haven’t seen the previous steps in this process you need to go here for part 1 about choosing the style and here for part 2 about finding the right pattern.

There will be a tutorial coming soon about how I made the belt because at the last minute I decided that I needed more shaping at the waist and so I made a wide fabric belt to cinch it in.

Thanks for all the support everyone gave me through this process. It’s been such fun having you all along for the ride and I learned so much along the way. All I need to decide now is what on earth I can make next that won’t just feel like a disappointing come down!!

See you soon!

Love Jo

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