My first ever Livestream!!

I didn’t know what I was going to do on Sunday when I woke up, but it turned out that I was going to do my first ever YouTube livestream!


The other day I realised that my channel is 3 years old now, I can’t believe it’s been that long. I’ve come a long way, in confidence, in skills, in audience, and I love making videos but as every YouTuber always says, there’s a lot more work to it than it seems to the casual viewer. Despite this I’ve always wanted to get more content onto my channel, to talk to everyone more frequently and to meet my apparent desire to talk constantly (ask my mum she says there has been a life long stream of consciousness…). Couple this with some upcoming plans for my son to do some fundraising and I found myself coming closer and closer to the decision to do my first live stream.

Even with all that building up I didn’t know it was going to be this week, or even this Sunday. But the mood grabbed me and I decided to live by the maxim:

“Done is better than perfect”

You can tune in to the replay of the livestream available now on my channel to decide for yourself upon the wisdom of that choice!! It was unplanned, no make-up, and I inevitably got screen-bombed by my youngest son almost the moment I started the livestream and he showed without doubt that we are related by proceeding to talk throughout, I sewed things together the wrong way round, and got to the end and had no idea how to actually end the stream…

…But the thing is I don’t care. It was fun, the sky didn’t fall on my head, lots of people have watched it and been really supportive. In fact I absolutely loved metaphorically sticking my tongue out at the doubting voices in my head and making them shut up.

In amongst the chaos I was working on a denim skirt from this skirt pattern, which is a custom-sized pattern downloaded from Bootstrap Fashions.


I have an affiliate account with them and although all my opinions are absolutely my own I will get a tiny commission if you decide to buy one of their patterns using my link (and I’ll be grateful xx):

Thank you if you watched and I’m definitely going to be back up live again very soon. I might even plan it beforehand this time!!

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