How to measure yourself

I’ve been using custom-fit patterns a lot recently. To use this sort of service you need to have accurate body measurements and often you need many more measurements than you’ll use with an off-the-shelf pattern. All this can be a bit confusing, even overwhelming but the pay-off of custom fitting patterns is really worth it. So I thought I would make a video to show how you can measure yourself.

For some measurements you may need the help of someone else, especially if your shoulders aren’t too flexible, but you might not. I show you a few tips and tricks about how you can do a good job by yourself.

First of all you will need a few pieces of equipment to make the job easier:

  1. Easy check tape measure (affiliate link)
  2. Piece of elastic big enough to tie around your waist (approx 1 inch wide is best)
  3. Download my worksheet to record your measurements, or your can input them directly into the site as you take them but personally I’d rather have the security of recording them with a pen and paper if I’m putting all the work into getting the right measurements.

In the video this is the tape measure I used.. I think it’s well worth buying even if, like me, you already have a zillion tape measures ( I swear they breed).

It’s so helpful because it has a little popper and a sliding gauge which together allow you to measure yourself alone much more easily than with a standard tape measure.

So sit back and watch my video, take your measurements, and then if you fancy it it, head to one of the websites to get your own custom fit pattern. Both the Tailornova and the Bootstrap Fashion websites also have pictures next to each measurement to help you understand what is required.

Until next time, happy sewing!
Love Jo

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