My February Favourites

I’ve been talking about my favourite things for February 2020 in my latest video. I’ve been doing favourites videos for over a year now and they’re one of my favourites to make. Luckily they’re also one of the most popular.

I have kept the categories largely the same which I think is interesting because I (and you) get to see how my likes, interests and tastes develop over time. So here are the things that were my favourites in February:

My Favourite Instagram post – Theresa Williams Art and Stuff is the account and I particularly liked her illustrated version of this Martin Luther King quote

I had 4 different favourites watches this month, I must have been a real couch potato!

Then I picked ‘Next in Fashion’ which I haven’t actually started watching on Netflix yet but given it’s all about fashion and sewing it would have to be worse than unwatchable to put me off!

On YouTube I recently discovered the channel TRINNY and specifically ‘The Trinny Takeover Show’ which, if you can get past her general bossiness and mania is very entertaining and full of great advice about dressing well.

And finally I gave my recent experiments with LiveStreaming a shameless plug because it’s my channel and so I can do that!

I haven’t done much pattern browsing this month to be honest because I’ve been getting my inspiration from rtw and then going straight to Bootstrap Patterns or Tailornova to make what I want. So my favourite pattern was this skirt from Bootstrap. I have nearly finished it and it will feature in my February sewing video just as soon as I actually make it!

My favourite me-made garment was very predictable cause I went for the amazing dress that I made a few weeks ago for my friend’s wedding. If you have missed me talking about it then you have definately been sitting under a rock for the past few weeks!! (or perhaps you have a balanced life not dominated by the goings on in the lives of random YouTubers šŸ˜‰

My favourite purchase is often not sewing related because I actually don’t shop for sewing items all that much and I like to broaden out and include anything that takes my fancy. I certainly did that this month including a pan and some perfume…

The perfume is Bronze Goddess from Estee Lauder and it smells like a heady summer day on holiday (or at least that’s what my imagination makes of it!)

The pan is a Stellar pan with their patented ‘Rocktanium’ coating which has had a year of testing in our house and even though it’s been in the dishwasher countless times it is still holding up perfectly. So much so that I have just bought a second larger one. They’re available from Amazon here (affiliate link)

My favourite gadget was the very cunningly designed tape measure that I showed in my video about how to measure yourself. Although sadly it seems to be proving to be hard to get hold of from many suppliers at the moment šŸ˜¦

And last but definately not least I talked about a couple of good listens that I’ve enjoyed this month. The first is an episode of the podcast called All Hail Kale called ‘How to actually breathe’.

And the last thing I mentioned was probably the thing I was most excited about. The newest installment in the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovich was released on the 20th Feb.

I was so excited that I downloaded it on launch day and then rationed it over the next week. It didn’t disappoint although I wish it had been at least twice as long. Sigh.

And that’s it for another month. I hope you have had a month full of favourite things. Thanks for reading šŸ™‚

Love Jo

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