My February Sewing

Here’s a round up of all the things I’ve been sewing this month. It’s been a bumper month and I’m often asked, where do I find the time. This month I genuinely have no idea how I got all this done…

But I know I did because I was given a diary at Christmas and I’ve been writing down what I do each time that I sit down to sew, so I can prove (even to myself) that it DID do all this in February, somehow!

As usual this is all based on my latest YouTube video and any affiliate links will be made clear with an asterisk* as I go along.

The first thing I shared was the Tara Ribbed Jumper by FibreMood which I knitted in a green 100% wool yarn called Eskimo by a brand called Drops. that came from

Next I shared a SKIRT!!!! Yes a skirt! I NEVER wear or make skirts. But this year for me is all about finding my style and pushing myself gently out of my confort zone with clothes. So skirts are a thing now. Gulp.

It’s a denim skirt with green leather details at the hip. The pattern is from Bootstrap Patterns* and was custom sized to my measurements. I added an exposed zip to the back.

It has a teardrop shaped panel on the front which I like the effect of because, along with high waist, it creates a lovely hourglass shape. I’ll be honest, I haven’t worn it out yet but I am plucking up the courage and I’m sure it won’t be long!

Next I moved on to show a re-fashion project. I took an oversized white sweater and changed it into a cropped shape. It began like this:

I deconstructed it by removing the bottom band, removed the sleeves and slit up the side seams and slit from the armpit 3/4 down along the sleeve. Then I re-attached the sleeves removing the excess arm length via the shoulder seam. Then I resewed the side seams and along the sleeves in one go. And finally shortened the overall length and reattached the bottom band creating a high-low hem.

I also quickly shared another sweater that I altered this month. This blue and white sweater was originally from M&S but the length was unflattering. So I simply removed the bottom band, removed teh excess length and reattached the band with my overlocker.

Next I shared two Morris blazers from Grainline Studio. Each looks quite different due to the fabric choices I made. The first is a structured double sided bonded jersey in Grey marl:

And the second was made from red ponte roma fabric that I recently bought at Fabworks in Dewsbury. I added buttons to this one:

Another quick win this month was an alteration I made to a Kalle Shirt by Closet Case Patterns that I’d originally made about 3 years ago. I’d only worn it a handful of times because I just didn’t like the length. Once I finally got around to altering the length it was a really quick job and it changed the garment from being ignored to being something I actually want to wear – whenever it gets warm enough to wear short sleeve shirts of course!

And finally, for completeness I shared again the special dress that I made early in February. But at the time, I’d forgotten to include the thrifted TopShop jacket that I’d altered to complete the outfit. So I took the opportunity of this round up video to put that right.

The thrifted jacket began looking like this:

As you can see in the photos above I have marked a line with basting thread. I cut along this line and then hand sewed a new hem at that point to creat a jacket that was the prefect proportion to go with the long flowing dress:

Phew! That’s it for this month. I hope you enjoyed sharing in everything that I made and I’ll see you again soon with more sewing content

Love Jo

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