Complete my survey about sewing holidays and events

I have big dreams. They’ve been brewing for a while in my imagination and now I’m at the stage where I feel brave enough to say them out loud, and to ask for some help from you lovely people.

In my latest YouTube video I talk all about my hopes and plans for the future, including how you can support me on Ko-Fi, because even though the world is rather weird at the moment due to the you-know-what, I think we should still plan for the future, someday this will all be over and someday we’ll get back to normal life, whatever that is…

I live in one of the most visited and arguably beautiful parts of the UK and it’s my dream to run some sewing events or holidays, either here, or maybe also further afield. But exactly what the shape of such events might be is exactly what I’d like help with. I’ve put together a survey to find out about what sorts of events or holidays people would like to do.

There’s is one version of the survey which is 3 questions longer. This one is for you if you HAVE got some expereience attending craft/sewing/creative events, courses, or holidays. The link to that survey is HERE

And there’s a slightly shorter survey for people who HAVEN’T ever attended a craft/sewing/creative event, course, or holiday. The link to that survey is HERE

At the end of the survey there is a space to enter into a free prize draw to win either a little handmade fabric bird, crafted to your own colour choices OR a Seamwork PDF sewing pattern.

Thanks for your help. I hope I’ll see you on a course someday šŸ™‚

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