My chatty fabric haul

Hello everyone! Today on my Youtube channel I uploaded a fabric haul with lots of chat and side notes. I’m not a very concise speaker when it comes to sewing, it’s like opening a treasure bo and rummaging around when I get started in on a subject but I hoped you enjoy the ride! And remember if you do enjoy my content you can say a little (or big) thank you on

Firstly I shared three fabrics that I have been gifted by in return for a post on their blog. An emerald green crepe de chine; a fuchsia pink creased jersey knit, and a red stretch suiting. My plans are to make the green one into the Meridian Dress from Papercut patterns, the pink knit will be a round collar shirt from Bootstrap Fashions and the red is going to be used for the wedding dress that I am making for my friend.

I moved on to talk about some samples that I’d got from Linton Tweeds who are a mill based in Carlisle, UK. They weave bespoke fabric for clients such as Chanel and have done for decades. Their fabrics are a-maze-ing even if understandably a little pricey.

I filmed this vlog in a different location in my house, I was in my lounge so that I could feature the painting I got as my Christmas present in the background. The scene is Ravenglass in Cumbria and I just love the movement and mood of the picture. The artist is a local artist called Kevin Weaver, his website is

And finally I showed two eBay purchases. The first was some ‘spot and cross’ pattern paper. I love this stuff for tracing off other patterns, rtw clothes or, if you’re really fancy, for drafting your own patterns. The markings are super simple but I think that they really help to make drafting lines clear.

And last but by no means least I showed you some VERY (sarcasm alert!) exciting new sewing machine needles that I got from an eBay seller called the Zipper Station. I’m always surprised by how many sewing machine faults are solved by changing the needle and the older I get the more I measure my own wisdom by how much I change my sewing machine needle (well maybe I don’t but, y’know, I have learned SOME things along the way…). I recommended a video from Threads Magazine that shows the ins and outs of the little soldiers. I found it fascinating to see just how much design there is in such an apparently simple thing.

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you next time xxx

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