My Recent sewing – March and April 2020

Hello, it’s been a little while!

Here’s my round up of my makes from March and April. It’s been a weird few weeks. You probably don’t need me to point that out. My last video was all about how hard I’ve been finding it sewing during lockdown and I know from the comments that I received that it really struck a chord with some of you. That was really supportive to hear, thank you xx

Having said that I also know that some of you have been having a wonderful time playing with all the fabric and that’s fantastic. In the last week or so I have been getting a little bit of enthusiasm back for sewing although I am in a very slow mood.

In my latest YouTube video I have rounded up my sewing and related projects from March and April. First off, waaaay back in early March I made an Astoria Sweater from Seamwork.

It’s a cropped sweater that makes up very small because it is drafted for very stretchy fabric so DO watch out for that! I sized up a couple of sizes cause my double-sided bonded sweatshirt fabric had give but no real stretch. I also added some self-made wool fringing because WHY NOT!!! In my video I show you exactly how I made the fringing with some footage from ancient history days before the lockdown (although it’s filmed in my sewing room so how would you tell the difference, ha ha ha!).

Secondly I showed a Granville shirt by Sewaholic. This is my go-to shirt pattern that I think I must have made about 5 times. I cut this project out in a livestream back in early March I think and it’s been a catalogue of errors putting it together. Almost every piece has gone in upside down or the wrong way out at some point. I think it was a reflection of the state of my brain at the moment! It all turned out right in the end, and I guess I can just count it as getting A LOT of practice in shirtmaking, or something…

The star of this project is definately the fabric and I I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out. I have had the fabric, which has an ombre blue stripe down the centre fold, in my stash for years and I’ve long agonised about what it should become. Or actually, I always knew it had to be a shirt but I didn’t know how to place the blue sections.

Well, even if I say so myself I think I nailed it and you can probably tell from the photos 🙂

Next I talked about a sweater I knitted in the past couple of months. knitting has been going on because I find it much less tiring than sewing and I can do it to wind down in front of the TV. In fact I find most TV needs knitting to make it bearable to sit through!

This is the Seascape Sweater by Andrea Yetman for Biscotte Yarns. It’s a free pattern and you can find it on Ravelry. I have made this before, not long ago in fact, in green tones. You can see it here, and on my Instagram. This time, for the background colour, I unravelled an old blue jumper that hadn’t turned out well and bought some coordinated pink yarns from John Arbon Textiles to do the colour work. I’m also very pleased with how it worked out and although we’ve been having some very hot weather (for us any way!), I’m a cold body so I’ve been wearing it anyway, especially when I’m sitting working indoors and not generating much of my own body heat.

And finally I talked about doing a hand-sewing marathon to finish my bedroom curtains (over 6 hours to do all the hems!) and I’ve been turning to embroidery as a way to keep communing with fabric but without having to run around my sewing room like a mad thing and tiring myself out. The embroidery pattern I followed was simply an image that I downloaded and pencil traced onto an old linen table cloth offcut that I inherited from my Grandma.

You can download the image from Urban Threads here:

Thanks for watching and reading and I’ll be back soon xxx

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