All the videos I forgot to write about!

As every blogger eventually complains about, it turns out blog posts don’t write themselves… even though I asked really nicely, it didn’t happen. The keyboard didn’t magically produce coherent on-topic sentences. Life is so cruel sometimes – it can be nearly as cruel as I can be sarcastic!

As a result There are quite a few videos that have floated by on my YouTube channel that I haven’t blogged about so this is a quick round up before I post about my most recent work

The missing videos are:

My favourite video on my own channel is usually my most recent one if I’m honest so I can’t pick a favourite one from above. Although I was particularly pleased to finally get around to making the two videos about sewing tools. I have had those ideas floating around in my brain for probably a couple of years now. It feels good to finally get the idea out into the real world!

If you’ve got a favourite video I would love to hear about it, either on my channel or contact me through the website:)

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