Do I Really Wear The Clothes I Make?

I’ve often wondered about this question from two angles. Firstly I often look at other people sharing their makes on social media and wonder whether their latest garment will end up as a dusty memory or a much loved and eventually worn out faithful companion. Not because I query the flush of their ‘I just made this’ enthusiasm, but just out of curiosity. I often feel like seeing the shiny new, freshly made garment is only the start of the story, or at least only the middle of the story. Because if we’re garment sewing then surely the wearing of the garment is the rest of the story? And I’d like to know whether there’s a happy ending.

And then the other angle is that I often wonder it about my own makes. I am very much a member of the enthusiastic ‘I just made this’ club, and it’s a great club. But in my quest to become more stylish and more ‘me’ in how I dress I’m finding I’m much more reflective about what I make these days. And I’m looking at what really happens to the clothes I make to try and learn what works for me and what just seemed like a good idea at the time…

Sooooo that’s a long winded introduction to the origin of my latest video which is live on YouTube today. I’m sharing 9 outfits that I’ve worn in real life in June 2020 and sharing my thoughts about them.

In this blog post I’m summarising all the outfits and patterns that I mentioned and linking to fabric shops and pattern companies where relevant:

Wilder blouse by Friday Pattern Company (fabric: Minerva – gifted)

Palisade pants by Papercut Patterns (Fabric: Fabworks)

Kalle shirt by Closet case patterns (fabric: unknown)

Ginger Jeans by Closet case patterns (Fabric: unknown)

Morningside shirt by French Navy (fabric: got it on holiday in Lanzarote)

Morgan Jeans by Closet case patterns (Fabric: The Shuttle Shipley – no link because they live in the dark ages)

RTW blouse by Marks and Spencer in the January sale this year

Avery leggings by Helen’s Closet (Fabric: Fabworks)

Custom Pattern blouse from Bootstrap Fashions (affiliate link) (Fabric: bought on holiday in Paris in 2017)

Thurlow Trousers by Sewaholic (Fabric: somewhere in Birmingham circa 2017)

Oliver top by Seamwork patterns (Fabric: bought on holiday in Paris in 2017 – it’s the same fabric as above) – the enbroidery is hand embroidery I added myself

RTW trousers from Debenhams – similar to the Resolutions Bottoms by Love Notions Patterns that I’m planning to make soon

The top section of the Myrtle dress by Seamwork patterns (Fabric: Woven viscose from The Shuttle Shipley – no link because they live in the dark ages)

Thurlow Trousers by Sewaholic (made with jeans detailing – top stitching etc)

Granville shirt by Sewaholic (Fabric: Shirting from The Shuttle, Shipley, about 6 years ago)

Jenny Overalls / Dungarees by Closet Case Patterns

I hope you enjoyed the video and this post was a helpful addition. Do you have a favourite outfit that I featured, or even more interestingly what was your most favourite recent outfit, whether it’s an old favourite or a new and surprising combination I’d love to hear about it. Let me know in the YouTube comments if you can xx

Thanks for watching and reading

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