My June Favourites – 2020 edition

Hello, I’ve just finished filming my June Favourites video. I really like these videos because they let me wander off and talk about all sorts of things, not just sewing. It is important to stay on-topic on a YouTube channel and that’s fine but it’s nice to go somewhere different now and then. And actually they’re often one of my most popular videos, so I guess I must be getting the balance right :).

Here’s my round up of all the things I mentioned and links to where they’re available, if relevant. Any affiliate links are marked with * and absolutely nothing is product placement.

My favourite purchase

We’re working on our donwstairs loo at the moment in our house renovation and we just bought this sink I. LOVE. IT. It’s made of concrete and has pigment swirled around in it. It’s from a Spanish company called Sklum

My favourite me-made

This is my Kabuki Tee in white striped seersucker fabric. I am finding it really useful at the moment, not just because it’s a great neutral but also because it’s cool and comfortable to wear in the super hot weather we’ve had recently (although as I write it’s grey and rainy outside – boo). The pattern is by Paper Theory and available here

My Favourite pattern

I picked out three patterns to mention. Firstly the Amy Jumpsuit by closet case patterns. Secondly the Resolution Bottoms by Love Notions. And lastly the Jasmine Tee and Dress by Dharata Davies Patterns

My favourite gadget

This month I decided to sing the praises of my clapper. This is an excellent tool to really level-up the effectiveness of your pressing and good pressing really id the key to good sewing – boring though that is! <a href="http://<a target="_blank" href=" clapper sewing">clapper</a>""Here’s an affiliate link to Amazon if you fancy treating yourself

Talking about Instagram I highlighted this post from german language account called @tweedandgreet she’s wearing an Amy Jumpsuit and I just love the simple but effective style she’s achieved with her make. Swoon.

I also mentioned the #handembroidery as a place I have been spending a lot of time. It’s a really inspiring hashtag to me

And finally my favourite watches and listen I highly recommend a ballet video on YouTube. It’s an ‘at home’ lockdown production of the Red Shoes and I loved it.

And I laughed my socks off watching the BBC’s Staged starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen. As long as you’re fine with plenty of swearing its absolutaly hilarious. Available in the UK on iPlayer.

The audiobook I enjoyed the most was called HighFire by Eoin Colfer. It’s a magical realism adventure/detective/thriller story set in a Louisiana Bayou. Here’s an Audible affiliate link if you’d like to try it.

Thanks for taking the time to enjoy my favourites with me and be sure to let me know in the YouTube video comments anythign that has really got you excited this month. xx

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