My June Sewing or The Tale of What I Should Have Known

Hi, my latest video is a round up of my sewing in June. I always tell you the true story, so this month we’ve got a very mixed bag of makes.

I’ve been trying out new patterns and different styles so maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised at hitting some bumps in the road. It’s not all bad though and I hope you enjoy the show.

I shared 4 makes, plus a couple of other creative side projects. The first make was another pair of Palisade Pants from Papercut patterns in a cotton fabric from Fabworks in Dewsbury. I love that store and had a lovely time shopping there in February, back before the world went weird 😦

I am very happy with how these turned out even though I almost ruined the fabric when I pre-washed it with a strong red and turned the green and cream fabric into green and patchy pink – argh! Turns out it’s hardly visible now it’s sewn up so I’ve decided to pretend it never happened.

I’ve been doing some embroidery on a piece of leftover fabric from this project and loving how it’s revealing itself. I just took all the green embroidery thread I had in my stash left over from who-knows-when and I’m creating a freehand segmented circle design. I feel like it looks like a landscape of rolling hills and I’m really enjoy watching it grow into itself as I work on it.

Next I shared a crazy print – again fabric from Fabworks although recently bought online this time. I bought this specifically to make a pair of Resolution Bottoms from Love Notions Patterns.* I was recommended to try Love Notions Patterns by a viewer who said they were really great at instructions and I wasn’t disappointed.

Having said that, I wasn’t a fan of their technique for inserting elastic into the waistband*. I followed it this first time to see how it turned out, but it just doesn’t give enough support and my pants keep falling down! So, sometime soon hopefully I’m planning to re-do the waistband with a powermesh lining instead.

Moving on to projects that I’m not so sure about. This is the Wiksten Shift Dress by Wiksten Patterns. It’s a heavily Instagrammed pattern and has lots of fans. But I really struggle to feel right in dresses and this one turns out to be no exception.

After filming I did feel much better about it because the camera saw something that I don’t see when I wear it and look in the mirror. It’s weird how that happens: some clothes look much better, and some much worse on camera and I’m sure I can’t predict which will be which.

I used texture blocking to make the dress more interesting, using satin backed crepe I used the satin face for some sections and the matt crepe face for other. I did really like how that turned out and If I finish it I will do a final satin band for the neckline facing. However I haven’t finished it yet and I’m unsure if I will. Not least because this was always meant to be a toile and I clearly need to make some significant fitting adjustments because the shoulder seam slips about 4 cm backward on my frame. It’s annoying, uncomfortable, and looks weird. I’m pretty sure I know how to fix it, it’s just whether I want to…

And finally I showed you a self-drafted blouse that I made with fabric that I absolutely love. I got it on holiday in Lanzerote last year at what I think is the island’s only fabric shop ‘El Kilo’.

I made it late at night, I made it fast, and I made it without a proper pattern of instructions, or even a plan. So it turned out just about as well as I deserve with that approach. Which is terribly. I haven’t done that for a while so I clearly needed reminding why I shouldn’t do it! I felt awful when I finally walked away from it late at night, unfinished and full of mistakes. But again while I was filming I realised that I was probably being a bit of a drama queen and that I could save it. At the moment we’re both sat in the naughty pile but when we’ve had a rest I’ll go back in and fix the various issues.

On the plus side I do really really really really love the fabric on me and it goes so well with the Palisade pants I made this month that it’s definitely going to be worth it.

Thanks for reading, talk soon xxx

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