The Big Reveal – My Sponsor, My Competition, My Discount Code

Today I can finally reveal what I’ve been teasing about as my ‘big news’ in the last couple of weeks…..

I have teamed up with Tailornova to create lots of extra content on my YouTube channel. Their ability to sponsor content is going to have so much positive impact!

I couldn’t wait to tell you all because I get so much support from my viewers and I’m really keen to talk about how much effort I am putting in to make sure that a sponsor only enables good things. Basically I’m not selling out, I’m trading up 🙂

Tailornova approached me after seeing the way I’d already been talking about their product on my channel. When I discussed their hopes for the project I was very excited to hear that they wanted me to have 100% creative control and pretty much carry on as I have been but just with extra content exploring the full potential of their software .

I have been a genuine fan of the Tailornova software ever since I first became aware of it in it’s testing phase. The potential of software that can create custom sized patterns as easily as this does just blows my mind and I’ve been using it and exploring it’s potential ever since.

For example it was what I used to create my ‘very special dress’ from my series of videos back in February this year. I used it back in 2018 to create this Prom Dress for a friend, and I’m using it again right now to create a wedding dress for another friend.

In this video I also launched a discount code and a competition to support our collaboration.

Your discount code for 10% off

any Tailornova package is JoeySewy10 and you can find all the details and prices here Basically you can either subscribe or buy download credits. The subscription options allow you top save more options on the platform and open up commercial use of what you design. Pay as you go options, called ‘package’ options on the site give you a certain number of downloads for a fixed price. And you have as long as you like to redeem the credits, there’s no time limit.

Finally there’s our competition…

I’d love to see and share more and more makes using Tailornova, so, we’re running a competition called Show Us Your Makes. There are two prize bundles each worth around £40. All the details are in the video but here are the simple steps to enter:

  1. Make something using Tailornova (or you can enter something you’ve already made using the software).
  2. Show us your makes in one of 3 ways – tag us on instagram using: #JoeySewyTailornova OR make a YouTube video and put a link in the comments section of my launch video that went live today. OR if you don’t want to do either of those you can email me pictures directly at

The closing date to show us your makes is midnight on Sunday 16th August 2020. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful things that you’ll make.

Thanks as always, I’ve come a long way since I began making videos 3 years ago and none of it would happen without you watching, reading, and enjoying what I do ❤

[Tailornova links in this post are affiliate links, they are sponsoring the video content, but all views are my own, and always will be]

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